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We invest in early stage with various amount of tickets and investment strategies. We give a priority to strong founders, who have their own vision of the future of global economy infrastructured, have enough energy to disrupt markets and always find the way out. And here below are three the most suitable examples.
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Recent projects
Platterz was born out of the old-school belief that meals are meant for sharing – not scarfing down alone at a desk. They think that when employees connect with each other, they work better, and great things happen. So in 2016, out of a tiny conference room, they got to work building a platform that offices everywhere could use to simply get their employees to gather around a shared meal.

Two years and thousands of orders later, Platterz is changing the way offices order food for every occasion – from early-morning meetings to working-late-before-a-big-deadline dinners, and everything in between.
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ManyChat is a leading bot marketing platform on Facebook in North America.

ManyChat helps businesses do marketing, sales and support through Facebook Messenger. It helps businesses create a chatbot in in 5 minutes without coding.

ManyChat powers over 300'000 bots on Facebook Messenger and is the leader in messenger marketing space.
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Recent projects
One of the leading Smart Shopping Assistants in North America.

Never miss when products go on sale or come back in stock. Stop looking for coupons, leaving products in shopping carts and managing multiple wish lists.
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SOL Wallet is a fintech project disrupting the traditional financial sector in South Africa.

SOL Wallet develops a branchless digital shop of personal payments, allowing its customers to register and open multi-currency accounts, deposit and withdraw fiat and crypto money, make payments and transfers, pay for the goods and services, buy and sell crypto, FX and stocks. SOL enables its customers to access complicated financial products they have never used before.
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